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Different Types of Towels

The first thing you need when you return to your cozy home on a rainy day or on normal days after you get fresh is a soft bath towel to dry off your body and relax. A towel is considered an essential soft furnishing and has multiple use cases. Hence, proper attention must be given to buying the right kind of towels for a comfortable experience.

Keeping in mind the need for quality, practicality and versatility, Kinton Crafts has curated a collection of a wide variety of comfortable  and 100% cotton towels.

Jumbo Towels

These are jumbo sized cotton bath towel for those who like to drape themselves in the cozy warmth of a towel after a bath or while preparing for a bath. Made from 100% combed cotton, these towels are velvety, highly absorbent and very durable.These bath towels retain their softness even after wash and need no fabric softener, hence stay chemical free.

Washcloth Towels

For all those who like to have the gentle scrub of a plush washcloth, Kinton Crafts washcloth towels are the best bet. Made with 100% combed cotton, these compact, square-shaped terrycloth towels are available in both thin and thick structures and are great for all skin types. These washcloths are quick-dry, highly absorbent and durable, all qualities that are much sought after. These compact, square-shaped terrycloth towels are available in both thin and thick structures.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are perhaps the most common variety of towels. Used by one and all, softness and durability are the most desired features of this variety. Considering the fact that a huge population now lives in urban areas , where drying of clothes takes time, a quick dry feature is becoming one of the most asked for features. Kinton Crafts bath towels have all these qualities and more! Made from 100% combed cotton, our bath towels are soft, last long and are quick dry. Available in beautiful colors and in sets too, these towels are perfect for personal use or to be given as a gift.

Face Towels

The skin on your face is extremely sensitive, and it needs special love, care, and consideration. Normal hand towels can be hard on the facial skin and thus use a face towel to wipe your face. Your skin should be treated tenderly with home linen products and microfiber.

Face towels are made of the softest material possible so that the skin on the face feels comfortable.

Hair Towels

If you hate and curse life on bad hair days, get yourself a hair towel. It can solve a maximum  of your hair related problems.

These hair towels are designed specifically for hair maintenance. Bath towels are usually heavy and when used to dry the hair, can result in hair breakage. A hair towel is not the same size as a traditional bath towel. There are different towel sizes for hair lengths of all kinds.

When creating a hair towel, the material was the most important consideration. The best material for avoiding abrasion and damage has been found to be microfiber. Because microfiber is used to make towels, your hair dries more quickly as there is less friction.

Hand Towels

Perhaps the most roughly used of all towels, hand towels are used not only in the bathrooms but also in the kitchens, gyms and are found in almost every sports person's bag! Kinton craft has ensured that all its hand towels are not only durable and plush but also easy to clean and dry. Available in a variety of colours, our towels suit all decors and moods!

Kitchen Towel

Just like our bodies, our kitchen dishes, slabs and countertops deserve some love too. Hence, one of the most essential items in the kitchen are kitchen towels. Kitchen hand  towels have numerous uses, including drying wet utensils and serving as attractive kitchen towels.

Kitchen towels are typically produced in a handkerchief-like smaller size. They can be hung on the oven handle or a shelf next to the sink. The term "chef's towels" is occasionally used to refer to kitchen towels.

Gym Towels

To dry your perspiration after a strenuous workout, you need a towel with a high absorption rate. Carrying a sweat towel with you and bringing it to every training session adds an additional level of hygiene and allows you to clean the equipment before the next person uses it. The gym towel was created for this purpose. 100% Cotton is the ideal material for a gym towel.

There are several various sizes of gym towels but you choose the one that’s ideal for your workout routine.

Pet Towels

In contrast to other towel kinds, synthetic microfiber works well for pet towels. After a shower, your pet has to be dried off using this material.

While other cotton towels are ideal for  humans, synthetic microfiber is best for animals. Pet towels are sometimes used as a blanket /drape as they can be easily washed and dried. Pet owls come in various sizes and one can choose the size most suited to the pet they have. 

Beach Towels

Specifically designed for beach outings, these are larger than regular bath towels, measuring about 30" x 60". They provide ample space for lounging on the sand and are highly absorbent for post-swim drying. Often, these towels come in vibrant colors and eye-catching designs to express your style while you bask under the sun.

Decorative Towels

Similar to the Turkish towel, decorative towels are not intended for usage but are made to resemble many different sorts of towels. They merely serve to improve a room's aesthetic appeal. They can be found most frequently in kitchens or bathrooms.

A decorative bath sheet  is more elaborate, featuring patterns woven into the material, tassels and unique stitching along the edges, among other embellishments. If your visitors dry their hands on them in the kitchen or bathroom, don't get irritated. They'll dry off, it's ok!

The kind of fabric a towel is made from and how it’s woven makes all the difference. If you want a super soft towel, look for 100% cotton towels with thick, velvety yarn loops on the surface. Consider a cotton-poly blend or a lightweight fabric with a low pile if you want one that dries quickly and is more robust. 

The type of towel you want is a personal preference and hence close attention must be paid while buying these comfort providers.

Get the best collection of towels at Kinton Crafts is an innovative global brand that encompasses broader lifestyle concepts such as home linen, home decor, fashion accessories and stationery items.